Our Mission is to educate local communities about how to protect the world around us and help our neighbors be good stewards of Earth.  We educate others about commonsense tasks that can be done in their everyday lives to make a difference in the place we share. We invest in you, as a part of our local communities through education programs and project work to preserve threatened landscapes and habitats and avoid further loss of critical resources.   We invest and lead programs to help us all reduce our impact on the environment.


James Stelter

James Stelter has over 25 years of management and consulting experience in the transportation and logistics industry. His focus was sustainability in transportation and the supply chain. He led several projects to reduce the environmental impact of the transportation industry. He championed alternatives to fossil fuels such as Bio-diesel and led the development of a route optimization program that reduced the overall amount of fuel consumed thereby reducing emissions. Working in such a fossil fuel dependent industry has given James firsthand experience in the environmental impact of fossil fuels and a unique perspective on the need to reduce our emissions. James lives with his wife and two children in the twin cities area. He enjoys nothing more than spending time camping and fishing with his family, enjoying nature.

Kevin Johnson – Founder/President

Kevin Johnson is a native New Englander who was transplanted in Minnesota about 25 years ago. Kevin has grown to appreciate the climate of the northern plains and is passionate about protecting it. Kevin has studied both Environmental Studies and Biology at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, receiving a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, he participated in a project that studied the migratory patterns of Canadian Geese in North America. He led a project and produced a research paper that focused on the breeding habits of the zebra finch. Kevin attained a Masters of Science from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the Tepper School of Business (Carnegie Mellon). In addition, Kevin is employed as a Chief Information Officer with Berger Transfer and Storage. Kevin lives with his wife and three children in the Twin Cities area. When Kevin is not on the golf course he enjoys gardening and spending time and camping with his family.

Lisa Clausen – Executive Director/Research Scientist

Lisa has been involved in scientific research as a Biologist and Pharmacologist for more than 25 years. Lisa has contributed to projects to reduce waste as part of product development teams in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. As part of the medical research community, Lisa consistently upholds the practice of reduction, refinement and replacement for humane research while bringing cutting-edge treatments to the market place to meet unmet medical needs globally.

Brandon Johnson – Web Developer
Brandon is a recent magna cum laude graduate of Michigan Technological University, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.  In addition, he attained a Associates Degree in Computer Science from Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN with high honors.  Brandon also works Dematic in Grand Rapids, MI as a software engineer, customizing warehouse automation systems.  Brandon also enjoys computer game development in his free time.
“Barry” The Bear – Mascot

Barry has been the mascot of Footprint Earth Foundation since 2015. His witty sense of humor combined with his passion for saving the world is inspiring people all over the United States to join him in this important cause. Barry graduated from Mountain High University in Colorado with a degree in Environmental Studies concentrating in Salmon Fishing. He earned his Masters Degree in Foraging from Forest University in Montana.