Long back in 2014, over lunch, James Stelter and Kevin Johnson started talking about how they were tired of the political rhetoric going around. It seemed that clean air and water somehow had become a political stone that was being thrown back and forth at each political party. The very idea that anyone would not be willing to promote clean air and clean water was ludirous to each of them. One political party advocated for clean air and water, while demonizing the other for not "beleiving" in man-made climate change, viewing them as willing to destroy the very world we live in.

They started asking questions, researching the truth, to find out that everyone, no matter their political affiliation cared about the environment. They yearn to do what's right. The problem was that our politicians were making us all tone deaf to the cause and in many cases they themselves were the reason our environment was suffering.

The other issue was that people were willing to give to environmental causes, but were concerned about the impact they were making. They would give money to large environmental profits only to see the money leave their bank, but failing to see any progress, at least not in their everyday lives. Also, because the environment had become so politically polarizing, much of the money they gave went to organizations that lobby governments and lined the pockets of politicians instead of making things better.

James and Kevin had an idea. What if they tried to change the way people percieved the environmental message? What if they tried to pull it away from politics and bring it to our local communities so they could see and feel the changes that could be made just by working together, as neighbors - and make it FUN!

They decided to work to make change. Change in our local communities. Change in the way people think. Change to bring families and communites together. Change to give our neighbors and children the tools to create the change they want to our planet.

So here we are, Jim and Kevin along with Lisa, Travis, Brandon and of course Barry; Along with all of you and our partners, trying everyday - for you; for our future; together.